Financial management made easy

The financial Actionboard you need for the ultimate clarity, visibility, and business growth.

28% Decrease

In DSO within 90 days of implementation

75% Reduction

In manual effort for financial reporting

32% Increase

In the efficiency of collecting teams

Why Actionboard?

The big picture has never been more accessible.

Nor has it blended so effortlessly with the details. With Actionboard, you get the
clarity and visibility to take inspired action towards business growth.

Financial visibility
you need to take inspired action.

With Actionboard, you have complete performance visibility and clarity at your fingertips. You no longer have to uncover the truth — it’s all right there for you to see.

Easily integratable
over-the-top solution

Actionboard helps you get more value out of your existing systems — be it Tally, Zoho Books, Quickbooks, FreshBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP or any other accounting tool.

One-time setup
for real-time finsights

Set up Actionboard once and never worry again about having complete financial control over business and ops, accounting, and finance functions.

Easily customisable

Never miss a payment or skip a deadline again. Implement accurate, timely interventions the team to perform better on your KPIs, daily cash position, collection efficiency, budget vs actuals, missed compliances and more.

Your business deserves more

Get all vital financial insights  (Finsights), you need to make fast, informed decisions – All in one – “simple self service Actionboard”.

Receivables Management

Collect faster. Reduced effort. Avoid Bad Debts. More insightful reporting.

Increase In the efficiency of collecting teams and reduction in DSO leading to more cash for the business to grow rapidly.

  • Collect faster and reduce dso days
  • Reduce bad debts
  • Set targets and track till collection
  • Reduce dependencies and information seamlessly
  • Insightful reporting
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KPI Management

Set up, measure and monitor KPIs

Across departments, functions and teams, glean more from your financial data to consistently stay on top of every metric that counts with a single-view.

  • Customised financial KPIs that drive your company’s business growth.
  • Clearly defined ownership of numbers for data-driven performance reviews.
  • Near real-time performance and trend reports to take proactive action on inefficiencies.
  • Emailing of alerts to users with performance status at pre defined timelines ( daily , weekly etc).
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Financial Insights

Access valuable finsights and reports on demand

Use your financial data to fuel growth. Track sales, cost analysis, variances, and more, in near real-time to identify opportunities you couldn’t see before

  • Profitability reports for comparison across business verticals, projects, customers, and locations
  • Insights on where you’re making/losing money, customer-specific collection metrics and impact, cost vs revenue analysis and corresponding triggers.
  • Track your customer growth and profitability in bubble chart to help your team focus on the right clients
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Cash Flow Management

Optimise your business, cash flow and churn

Achieve upto 28% increase in collection efficiency and 32% decrease in DSO with actionable finsights from Actionboard.

  • Automated reminders and scheduling of statements.
  • Past pattern visualisation and predictive analytics for a holistic view of cash flow.
  • Real-time burn rate numbers.
  • Customisation based on your vision, goals and KPIs.
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Compliance Tracking (Stat Board)

Track compliance in one place, without hassle

Eliminate penalties and delays, track input tax credit and follow up with vendors,handle all revenue and reconciliation, friction-free with Actionboard’s compliance calendar.

  • Full GSTN integration
  • GST return filing
  • TDS & Income Tax compliance
  • Labour Laws compliance ( PF, ESI , PT etc)
  • Automatic audit of transactions for possible non-compliance with SMART AUDIT feature. ( potential non compliance in the books of accounts)
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Invoicing & Payment Automation

Invoicing & Payment Automation

Easy and faster invoicing & collection solution to keep your business in sync with latest technologies.

  • Invoice faster & easier.
  • Automate followups & increase collection.
  • Easy compliance & insights.
  • Faster payments & efficient payment planning.
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Who Is It For?

Thoughtfully customised solutions to help you be the best.

Actionboard can be tailored to perfectly match the needs of your business, no matter what industry you’re in.

Project-based companies

Companies managing projects such as construction, engineering don’t work like most businesses. So, why do they use the same financial tools?


Service and employee cost-focused companies (Consulting, IT, etc.)

The Service industry has evolved. Have your financial tools?


Retailers with multiple locations

Retail is being disrupted. More so after COVID-19. Are your financial tools catching up?


Manufacturing companies

Industry 4.0 is underway. Then, Why your financial tools are outdated?


Ready to leverage financial visibility to fuel business growth?

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