Navigate the rough seas of business with Actionboard as your lighthouse

Actionboard tells you where your attention is required before it is overdue.

Actionboard is for everyone

Business and Ops Teams
  • A proactive alert system that warns and informs about key business events
  • On demand access to access controlled reports
Finance Teams
  • In built budgeting
  • Cash flow planning and simulations
  • Payment planning
Accounting Teams
  • Automated reconciliations
  • Automated schedule preparations
  • Inbuilt controls and checks to minimize human errors


  • Alerts is the default landing page of Actionboard
  • Alerts are designed to provide a quick update of the latest situation to decision makers in less than 10 mins.
  • Users can choose and set the alerts that are relevant to them on a daily basis.
  • Alerts are emailed everyday to the users at 9am in the morning.


  • Dashboard is a place where you can monitor recent trends in financial metrics.

Financial Reporting

  • Actionboard enables Automated Financial Reporting based on user configured groupings and cost center allocations.
  • These financials are easily shareable and are available on-demand to stakeholders across your organization.
  • Actionboard also has a cost center based view to enable cost center owners to conveniently access and read their financials.

Receivables Central

  • Receivable Central shows DSO trend, Recent Collections, Ageing Distribution, Upcoming Collections in a single view
  • Additionally we can drill down to access Customer-wise DSO, Customer-wise ageing, filterable list of all invoices and collections, downloadable list of all invoices and collections.


  • The Payments feature makes significantly easier to generate bank upload files for payments owed to vendors.
  • It also enforces a maker-author workflow over payments made and adds security controls over the vendor bank account information eliminating the risk upload file tampering.
  • The accounting entries for recording the payments can also be downloaded and entered in the system automatically.

Cash Flow Forecast

  • Weekly Cash Flow forecast is designed to project and plan the desired cash position in the upcoming weeks.
  • The Forecast is auto-filled based on the credit periods of vendors and customers.
  • The user can add additional cash flows that they expect in the upcoming weeks.

Turbocharged Books

  • Our books feature is an accountants dream come true.
  • You can perform full text searches across the books.
  • Download the entire transaction dump with cost center information.

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Actionboard is being built by Agrya.

We built Actionboard because current state of infrastructure and processes that are supposed to be helping entrepreneurs are inadequate at best or broken at worst.